Text work

The text work is done. Now the effort should be rewarded with a good evaluation, isn´t it? This still requires a competent and appreciative review that accentuates the merits and corrects the questionable points. And at the same time keeps an eye on the entirety of  the text 

This is what I offer.

P.S. …and if the text is still to write?  See “textcoaching”

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Coaching – Vocational orientation

You are about to choose a course of study or a profession. Anticipation or trepidation? Which choice do I make, what is important to me? The educational institutions essentially offer specialised instruction. The labour market weighs things differently. This is where experienced support is needed to help you make a decision.

I am available for this with my expertise!

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Alfons Zürcher

For many years I have been active in the fields of teaching, text work and coaching. I have gained a wide range of experience in the broad field of humanities and social sciences as well as in supporting professional orientation. I am happy to pass them on.


Philosophy, German language and literature, History


German, Português ( 2nd mother tongue) / English , Español, Français – C1-level


  • Proofreader & text editor
  • coach for initial and new professional orientation
  • lecturer at institutes for German as a Foreign Language (DaF)
  • interpreter

Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Is the spelling, punctuation, grammar correct throughout?
  • Is the citation correct?
  • Is the formal structure, the pagination, etc. correct?

Formal inaccuracies affect the overall impression. My suggestions for corrections are incorporated into the digital manuscript – and are thus comprehensible point by point.


  • Is the structure logical?
  • Is the argumentation logically coherent throughout?
  • Is the choice of words expressive and precise – and thus appropriate to the subject matter?
  • Is the sentence structure clear and is it easy to read? ensured?
  • At which points should the text be more detailed, at which tighter in which places?
  • What overall impression does the text leave?

In this area, the qualitative aspect is decisive. The text leaves an optimal impression through stylistic clarity. The challenge is to present complex issues in a comprehensible way.

Text coaching

  • What type of writer am I?
  • Which topics appeal to me?
  • What are the characteristic advantages and challenges?

Anyone who has taken on the challenge of writing knows it: the trouble of getting it out. As an experienced writing companion, I can help you to circumnavigate the dangers and difficulties. I can draw on a wealth of experience. Personal exchange is crucial.


First of all, we discuss the content and scope of the work in advance. By telephone, by email – or in person via skype or zoom.

If there is agreement (so we hope), we make a binding agreement for both sides: the service and the price.

The data is then sent by e-mail, encrypted if desired. After completion, the processed file is returned. Then, I am capable to answer questions about the corrections. Of course I also offer consultation during the correction (four-eyes-correction).




4.- € (plus VAT) per standard page


7.- € (plus VAT) per standard page

Lectorship with personal consulting:

12.- € (plus VAT) per standard page

Text coaching:

From 80.-€/h (plus VAT)

Study and career orientation

Initial orientation

  • Can I clearly formulate my career goals? 
  • What skills will help me achieve them?
  • Can I express my values precisely in words?
  • Can I clearly state the spectrum of my needs?
  • What criteria do my potential employers use to recruit?
  • How high is the possible match between his / her ideas and mine?
  • Which key qualifications and core competences do I want to use primarily?


  • How do I process the first experience?
  • What future-oriented experiences can I draw from the first choice that didn´t work well?
  • How do I reach new decisions?
  • What are my priorities now?

Anyone who has worked in several occupational fields like me, knows the process of (re)orientation inside out. And can pass on this knowledge.

Individual competence analysis

  • What is the expertise I have acquired so far?
  • How did it develop and in what direction would I like to expand it?
  • What skills do I still have outside of my school or university career?

Formally acquired qualifications and certificates do not cover the aptitude and competence profile. Here it is important to discover and promote still dormant talents through an appropriate, individually adapted choice of methods.


A clarifying preliminary conversation is the first step. What is it about?

We work out the issue together.

Coming together with regard to the topic, the time frame and the price, we set the starting date.

The other dates and the total duration are agreed individually as required.

At the moment, contact can only be made via Skype or Zoom (Corona).



Pricing is done individually after consultation with regard to the personal initial situation. As a guideline, an hourly rate of 80.-€ (plus VAT) can be considered.  

Reductions for students before Bachelor on request


Looking forward to your feedback.

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